Mini Reviews

The Mini is one of the most recognisable cars in history, even my moms second hand Mini Roadster, which veers away from the traditional style of the MINI is very obviously part of the family. It is much, much more than just a car, and taking the role of an icon that can be used to represent a generation, a nation and a lifestyle statement.


Whilst the Mini car started out under the British company Austin and Morris, the snowball in popularity it was subjected to led to it becoming a brand in its own right by 1967. Mini went strong until the 80s where it started to struggle a bit, yet was able to survive of anniversary editions through until 2000 before it re-launched under BMW and re-lived a similar level of popularity that it was gifted with in the 60s.

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As you have found our site, you are probably interested in buying a Mini, so we thought we would help you out by taking a look at the online used Mini market and pointing you in the right direction. It isn’t exactly hard to find a decent used car site, just search for “used mini” in your favourite search engine, and before you know it you will be scrolling through pages full of second hand Mini Coupe models.