Destroy That House, Get That Lamborghini!

Wouldn’t it be brilliant to own a Lamborghini? And wouldn’t it feel even better to be able to build your own from scratch? Well, that is exactly what Ken Imhoff did.1

He became so obsessed with the Lamborghini Countach that he began building his own replica version in his basement. He began by designing the frame of the vehicle out of wood and then went on to hand-craft the aluminium bodywork. He fitted his dream car with a 5.8 litre V8 engine and a ZF 5-speed gearbox.2

Building a car from scratch is no simple task for one man in his basement, and Ken will certainly vouch for that – it took a full ten years from the day he started until the finished article.3

There was only one problem for Ken once his incredible project was finally complete – his basement door was quite large enough for a Lamborghini to fit through, so how was he going to get it out?

Essentially he was left with two options; he could dismantle it component by component, or he’d have to find a way of removing a significant part of his basement.
After 10 years of building it, taking it apart was surely not an option, so Ken employed a contractor to dig a trench beside his house and knock through the foundations of it to bring the hand-built Countach out in one piece.5

It truly is an amazing story and a magnificent achievement. A big congratulations to Ken from the AutoBlogsBuilder team! Let’s hope it drives well and Ken doesn’t get hit with high servicing and maintenance costs!67

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