Don’t Look The Fool

Everybody’s had a few embarrassing moments when out driving. It happens, it’s unavoidable – now and then you’re going to drop the ball. Most of us want to keep these clangers down to a minimum. Nobody wants to look the fool in their car, but evidently there’s a fair few people out there who are completely and utterly oblivious to the traits that make them look like total douchebags in their vehicles. I know this first hand after years of working at a Southampton Car Sales garage I saw countless people, usually men in their early 20s, bring in a car for trade that looked like Xzibit had got his hands on it after downing a bottle of Vodka whilst blindfolded. But it isn’t just stupid modifications that can make you look a fool, there are plenty of other ways. So just in case you’re one of them, here are our five top tips for not looking the fool whilst driving.


Don’t Put Stupid Body Kits On Your Car
Nine times out of ten, people who modify their vehicles with body kits make them look a lot worse. Take Stephen Ireland, the Aston Villa footballer, for example. He took a perfectly good looking Range Rover, a black one, and decided to put pink rims on the wheels! What’s that about? It looks ridiculous, so think before you go out to buy a new spoiler for your Citroen C1.


Don’t Cruise With Your Arm Hanging Out The Window
Do you drive a lowrider with hydraulics? Do you live in 1990s Los Angeles?

No, didn’t think so, so don’t cruise with one hand on the wheel and the other sat out the window with your seat at a 160 degree angle. It looks silly.


Don’t Play Loud Music With Your Windows Down

Nobody wants to hear your music, and it actually sounds better inside a car with the windows up, so don’t subject defenceless pavement walkers to it when their ears are at the mercy of the street.


Revving Your Engine Isn’t Cool

There really is no need to hit 6,000 revs as you pull away when the traffic lights turn green. A 3 litre engine in a Peugeot 107 isn’t going to impress anybody, and more importantly it will probably cause damage and lead to higher servicing costs. Visit BuyYourCar to help you find a local garage that can offer competitive car servicing.


Try Not To Crash
In case you weren’t aware, crashing will definitely make you look a fool. Check your mirrors, be wary of idiots on the road and stick to the speed limit.

Don’t be the know it all car geek

Obviously we are all for people knowing a little about the car that they drive which is fine and can make for some interesting conversations when your down the pub, but I don’t want to be bored to death by some walking Peugeot reviews encyclopedia chewing my ear off about every engine and every statistic since 1990.

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