The Mini Hatch

The Mini Hatch is the first Mini of the New mini Range. As you may have guessed from the name of the car; it is a small model which follows Mini’s traditional traits in terms of design and styling, it looks fun and feels fun bouncing around the road with great handling and responsive steering. When driving the Mini you feel as if you are in control of a lively, spritely puppy who is desperate to explore the world before it. However whilst u might think a spritely puppy is just the thing your family needs, the Mini Hatch might not be, as again, it is a very small vehicle and is not ideal if you plan on carrying more than one passenger.

Whilst the Mini is small, the price isn’t and can pack quite a punch with some buyers, though you are buying a good car as well as a stylish icon, so it may well be worth the price.

The most recent generation of the Mini Hatch was introduced in 2006 and was built on an all new platform and hosted many design and engineering changes.

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