MINI Model Range

The Mini, whilst always obviously a Mini, comes in many different shapes and sizes offering customers a chance to pick a car which matches their preferences.


The Hatch is probably the most common form of the new mini on the roads and is quite a big range. The hatch range offers the choice of either the First, the One or the Cooper. The Hatch range was the first range introduced in 2001. The First is the cheapest option with the Cooper S taking the role of the most expensive.


The Clubman hit the scene quite recently in 2008 and is the estate variation of the Mini hatchback. In comparison to the hatchback it has additional legroom and luggage space.


The Countryman is a little larger than the other Minis and serves as a small crossover 4×4. It is one of the latest models introduced by the brand and was introduced in 2011. It is the first ever 5 door vehicle under the mini brand and is a little more capable than the other Minis if you are into the more adventurous routes.


Another recent model is the Mini Coupe which was also introduced in 2011. It only contains 2 seats unlike any other Mini and is different to other Minis in terms of design and styling.


The convertible is very similar to the hatch apart from the fact that you control whether or not you want a roof or not. If you want to save some money on the Convertible model why not consider a second hand Mini Convertible.


The Roadster is another convertible variant of the Mini yet is more heavily based on the Mini Coupe rather than the Hatch as is the Mini Convertible.

John Cooper Works

The John Cooper Works edition is a trim level which is offered with all the models in the range, if you should choose this upgrade you will receive a upgraded engine and a selection of extras

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